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At the age of ten years, Nicholas Pircher moved with his parents and siblings in the 30s – before the outbreak of World War II – from Eggental to Wangen, where his father had purchased the Alberhof.

The old house had to be brought in the toughest conditions in a habitable condition, fields and meadows were processed with the help of humans and beasts of burden to cumbersome way.

His marriage to the community midwife Louise Vigl emerged eleven children. The family fortune was, however, marred by the untimely death of wife and mother.

The strong cohesion among the siblings was the life of the farm to be worth living for even the youngest of the family, so the senior farmer could pass the farm to his eldest son, Joseph, the family tree of the Pircher on Alberhof with his wife Veronica by children Leo , Vera and Wolfgang can continue to grow